Case Study 1: Milan International Expo 2015

The theme of Expo Milano 2015 is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, is one of paramount importance to the development of humanity. The participation of International Organizations at the exhibition is, therefore, key to its success. Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life means food security, access to food, and sustainability: all the central themes in the work and mission of some of the most important organizations worldwide.



The Malaysia pavilion spread over 2,047 square metres, takes the shape of four seeds. The curves of the design and the weaving patterns on the structure reflect the versatility and dynamism of the nation. The Pavilion design drew inspiration from the humble rainforest seed. The seed, a symbol of growth, signifies a beginning of a journey, and the potential within.

In a worldwide expo that involves nearly 100 countries and more than ten thousands visitors a day to the Malaysia Pavilion, GTC provides a perfect surveillance solution that can be used to safeguard its guests and properties within its parameter.  A safety solution by a trusted and effective surveillance system is absolutely essential.




To meet the international requirements, 35 units of GTC PLUS series 2 Mega pixel of Full High Definition 1080 surveillance cameras were installed inside the Pavilion , the walk way and the parameter.

The dim lighting inside the pavilion pose a concern but was resolved as the surveillance camera is able to perform in a perfect low illumination. GTC 152 dome camera is built with intelligent IR performance, enhanced with digital WDR technology to provide quality visibility under high contrast environments. Combined with 3D noise reduction, it is able to polish video and it can capture clear, focused and sharp images.

CCTV Plan/


GTC 282 that delivers high performance images in day and night (ICR) operations, equipped with smart IR lenses that provide vision in complete darkness up to 40 meters was installed at the walk way and the parameter, GTC 282 provides detailed excellent video resolution at night for round the clock surveillance.

Moreover, GTC  PLUS series of 2 mega Pixel 1080 Full High Definition surveillance camera feature with H 264/MPEG4 dual encoders, privacy masking, motion detection, slow shutter, support audio ( optional ) and it is ONVIF compliant.